Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everybody! Send me your best drawings of genitalia!

I’m serious.


I read last week's New York Times Magazine article called "What Do Women Want?" today. These are the most interesting points made in the article:

1. Women will get aroused by watching apes fornicate.
2. No one gets aroused by watching a naked, flaccid man stroll down the beach.

I’m wondering how I feel about being mysterious.

I’m wriggling over that wording, “What do women want?” First of all, the fucking w’s. Secondly, it sounds like asking a crying kid what they want so you can shut them up. “What do men want?” “What do Asian-Americans want?” “What do people under 5 feet tall want?” Those questions are weird, aren’t they? Women are wanting. We are dissatisfied. Unfulfilled. The same old lines, same old tired sentiment, same tired poopoo, if you ask me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lindstrom Tonight

At Studio B

The prospect of tonight makes me feel like this young boy:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sportsman's Paradise Friday!

A six-guitar-one-drummer army of freak-out visionary mayhem

and revelatory explorations in dream enchantment!

We'll play one 40 minute piece and an all new short piece
(that I will be "learning" in a few hours.)

I'm going to wear my shirt that I squirted hamburger juice on at the last show.

I am overjoyed to say we'll be sharing the evening with the remarkable

**Honne Wells**

whose music will baffle and astound you.

This Friday, January 23, at the Issue Project Room, in Brooklyn.

The evening starts at 8pm and costs $10.

The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street,
3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Click here for more info.

Why Does it Seem that All Rich People With Political Aspirations Cheat On Their Taxes?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


These are some pictures I took at the Campus Eatery near my job. It is a gross place, but somehow, at times, I find it necessary to go there, usually, out of laziness or convenience.

They must want you to protect your hand, while you pull a bagel out of these:

Like a game of Operation.

I've lived in New York for nearly five years now and I've only been seriously poisoned by food once--and I'll eat most anywhere. I'm thinking that's a pretty good record.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks and Thanks and Thanks

A couple of months ago Alan Bigelow contacted me about a piece of collaborative work I did with Fluorescent Hill, years ago, for Born Magazine.

He wanted to include it in an exhibition he was curating for Austin Peay State University called Searching for a New(er) Digital Literature. Here's a description of the exhibition I lifted from the website:

"Searching for a New(er) Digital Literature is an exhibition of twelve multimedia works that offer readers representative examples of the newest digital poetry and fiction on the web."

The exhibition can be seen at Austin Peay State University’s Gallery 108 and here it is online!


Thank you everyone who came to my party last night. I feel like frozen dog shit today and that is a testament to how wonderful and loved I was feeling last night! You are all very sweet and I have incriminating pictures that I will show you soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Your Eyes Are Two Blind Eagles That Kill What They Can't See.

I just want to post about Art Ensemble of Chicago.

I wish this video wasn't so skinny. I wish it didn't cut the song off at 5:37. But that didn't prevent me from listening to it six times today.

I'm interested in seeing the film that used the AEOC's album, Les Stances A Sophie, for a soundtrack, if only because they make an appearance in the movie. Here's an overly covered song from that album (it is also the source of the title of this post):

The film's another story about an uptight man set free from squaredom by a spirited, life affirming woman.

Remember these other ones?

Something Wild--Demme is coming up a lot lately.

Bringing Up Baby

Annie Hall

Crazy/Beautiful (Jules, this one's like something we'd see in the theater--which I did.)

My Fair Lady

Along Came Polly

Thanks for the tips, Lisa!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

What is Jamie Hardy Reading?

Why, Jamie's reading the new Portable Boog Reader 3!

It's juicy! It's an anthology of New York City poetry!

Tuck it under your arm! It's free!

I drew that frog on the cover and I have a poem in there.

Pick it up now at Bowery Poetry Club & St. Mark's Bookshop. And all over Greenpoint, Williamsburg & Lower Manhattan Sunday evening.

Or download the whole pdf here.

I'm excited to be published near these poets:

Ammiel Alcalay * Betsy Andrews * Ari Banias * Jennifer Bartlett * Martine Bellen * Edmund Berrigan * Kate Broad * Julian Brolaski * Donna Brook * Matthew Burgess * David Cameron * Mike Coffey * Jen Coleman * John Coletti * Matt Cozart * Elaine Equi * Jessica Fiorini * Jennifer Firestone * Ed Friedman * Ethan Fugate * Rigoberto González * Nada Gordon * Stephanie Gray * Shafer Hall * Diana Hamilton * Hayley Heaton * Cathy Park Hong * Vanessa Hope * Dan Hoy * Lauren Ireland * Adeena Karasick * Basil King * Martha King * Noelle Kocot-Tomblin * Dorothea Lasky * Jeff Laughlin * Amy Lawless * Walter K. Lew * Tan Lin * Tao Lin * Filip Marinovich * Justin Marks * Chris Martin * Tracey McTague * Stephen Paul Miller * Feliz L. Molina * Ryan Murphy * Elinor Nauen * Uche Nduka * Urayoán Noel * Akilah Oliver * Geoffrey Olsen * Jean-Paul Pecqueur * Greg Purcell * Elizabeth Reddin * Jerome Sala * Tom Savage * David Sewell * David Shapiro * Kimberly Ann Southwick * Eleni Stecopoulos * Christina Strong * Mathias Svalina * Jeremy James Thompson * Susie Timmons * Rodrigo Toscano * Nicole Wallace * Damian Weber * Max Winter * Sara Wintz * Erica Wright