Friday, July 24, 2009

Two Reviews in the New Octopus

Check out my reviews of Thomas Hummel's Point and Line To Plane (Projective Industries) and Carrie Hunter's The Unicorns (Dusie Kollectiv).

Octopus #12

This still is from the film Megashark vs. Giant Octopus. It is promptly going in my queue.

This Octopus issue kicks buttocks with work by all of these people:


Lynn Xu
Heather Christle
Jennifer Knox
Tony Tost
Cathy Park Hong
Christopher Stackhouse
Amanda Nadelberg
Kristi Maxwell

Introduced by:

Katie Peterson
Lisa Olstein
K. Silem Mohammad
The Lucipo Poetics List
Arda Collins
Rebecca Wolff
Chris Fischbach
Ann M. Fine

Reviews of:

Farrah Field, Dobby Gibson, Thomas Hummel,
Carrie Hunter, Ellen Kennedy, Melissa Kwasny,
Helena Mesa, Vanessa Place & Robert Fitterman,
Robyn Schiff, Jeremy Schmall & Justin Taylor

Reviewed by:

Dan Magers , Ben Kopel, Sommer Browning,
Kathleen Rooney, Dave Madden, Steven Karl,
Karla Kelsey, David Carillo, & David Sewell

Monday, July 06, 2009

On Friday I Will Invent the Comic Strip Strap-On

Or at least, I will read some poems and hand out some vulgar drawings.

They are calling it visual poetics!

Celebrate the Issue Release of Drunken Boat 10!

Here's a link to my contribution.

This is who will also be there:

derek beaulieu, Rand Richards Cooper, Sharon Dolin, Ram Devineni, Elizabeth Kadetsky, Harriet Levin & Elisabeth Subrin!

A famous bunch! Will they like drawings of pizza slices in paper bags? Do they enjoy BBQ Guns?

from 6-8pm THIS Friday July 10th
at SoHo20 Gallery

511 West 25th St.
Suite 605
between 10th & 11th Avenues

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Check out the new Li'l Dil video!

He Thinks! He Vibrates!

Matt Koroghlian and I made it.