Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks and Thanks and Thanks

A couple of months ago Alan Bigelow contacted me about a piece of collaborative work I did with Fluorescent Hill, years ago, for Born Magazine.

He wanted to include it in an exhibition he was curating for Austin Peay State University called Searching for a New(er) Digital Literature. Here's a description of the exhibition I lifted from the website:

"Searching for a New(er) Digital Literature is an exhibition of twelve multimedia works that offer readers representative examples of the newest digital poetry and fiction on the web."

The exhibition can be seen at Austin Peay State University’s Gallery 108 and here it is online!


Thank you everyone who came to my party last night. I feel like frozen dog shit today and that is a testament to how wonderful and loved I was feeling last night! You are all very sweet and I have incriminating pictures that I will show you soon.

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