Monday, January 12, 2009

Your Eyes Are Two Blind Eagles That Kill What They Can't See.

I just want to post about Art Ensemble of Chicago.

I wish this video wasn't so skinny. I wish it didn't cut the song off at 5:37. But that didn't prevent me from listening to it six times today.

I'm interested in seeing the film that used the AEOC's album, Les Stances A Sophie, for a soundtrack, if only because they make an appearance in the movie. Here's an overly covered song from that album (it is also the source of the title of this post):

The film's another story about an uptight man set free from squaredom by a spirited, life affirming woman.

Remember these other ones?

Something Wild--Demme is coming up a lot lately.

Bringing Up Baby

Annie Hall

Crazy/Beautiful (Jules, this one's like something we'd see in the theater--which I did.)

My Fair Lady

Along Came Polly

Thanks for the tips, Lisa!


Ron said...

Maybe also...


Our Man Godfrey

Ball of Fire

A Fish Called Wanda

Man's Favorite Sport

Math Stew said...

That groove is killer. I'm gonna start painting on a third eye.

sean said...

AEOC rules, and if Obama really wanted to shake things up, he'd have *them* playing at the inauguration!

i'd be remiss to not endorse AEOC's seminal disc 'nice guys' as one you should add to your collection, if you don't already have it.