Saturday, January 31, 2009

Everybody! Send me your best drawings of genitalia!

I’m serious.


I read last week's New York Times Magazine article called "What Do Women Want?" today. These are the most interesting points made in the article:

1. Women will get aroused by watching apes fornicate.
2. No one gets aroused by watching a naked, flaccid man stroll down the beach.

I’m wondering how I feel about being mysterious.

I’m wriggling over that wording, “What do women want?” First of all, the fucking w’s. Secondly, it sounds like asking a crying kid what they want so you can shut them up. “What do men want?” “What do Asian-Americans want?” “What do people under 5 feet tall want?” Those questions are weird, aren’t they? Women are wanting. We are dissatisfied. Unfulfilled. The same old lines, same old tired sentiment, same tired poopoo, if you ask me.


Marjorie said...

I have big plans on my own blog for that article. I found it so delicious in the way it kicks a lot of conventional wisdom about the female libido in the ass. But also, I think issue with the wording with the title is this: the article's not about WHAT women want. We want ice cream. We want daffodils in March. We ever-sharp Lady Bics. Among other things. The article's about HOW women want... which is ultimately a lot more interesting anyway.

Here are my drawings of genitalia:



and here are some boobs and a butt for good measure:

( . )( . )
) (


Hmmm... the butt works better in sanserif fonts...

Jason G. said...

My woman wanted babies. Now she's got one and she wants ice cream and brandy. How? By asking me to go get it, cuz she's got a baby sleeping baby on her lap.