Friday, March 05, 2010

Do You Remember Being a Shaker?

Remember when I creeped up to you in this creepy way? That was called a dance.

Remember building this? You nearly cut your finger off.


I am reading this Saturday, March something, at 6pm in Providence, Rhode Island with Ryan Murphy and hosted by Kate Schapira. These people are amazing & toothsome.

Ada Books
717 Westminster



RM said...

Why oh why do you torture me this way! I want to be there!

RM said...

I remember being a shaker. I was shaking last night, in fact.

Sarah said...

Shaking is for those with a fondness for spindles and pegs. Amyards are where it's at, what with the black ground with jewel colored blocks atop. Butter churning for both, mayhap.