Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hello all!

My chapbook from Cannibal Books is ready to terrorize you, in a nice way!

Along with my chapbook, The House, you will find six others.

Four Cities by Kazim Ali
Luminal Equation by Maureen Alsop
Into the Eyes of Lost Storms by Karla Kelsey
Sycorax's Retinue by Laura Goode
You do damage by Kate Schapira
Yellowcake by Jared White

It is 180 pages, has hand-sewn in signatures, and is published in a limited edition of 100.

Order it here.


RM said...

Congratulations!!!!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

HEY MS. BROWNING. oops sorry about the locked caps...just bought the chap. am looking, am excited, am checking mailbox more than i should for

the poems........congrats.