Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vale Tudo is Just Like You and Me!

Vale Tudo Eats Pie!

Vale Tudo Plays the Guitar!

Vale Tudo Sleeps!

Vale Tudo uses the Toilet!

Vale Tudo Hangs Out With His Friends!

Vale Tudo is now out with horse less press! Order one here!

As a special gift, each copy comes with a hand-drawn Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Playing Card!

Like these!


Mark Horosky said...



Sampson said...

Sommer, can i commission you to draw an Anderson Silva playing card, think of it as a favor for the Pope, or maybe like a retro card of Tank Abbot.

Miriam said...

Yay Sommer-buns! I want one. Vale Tudo babysits! Can't wait to read it. xoxox

Kristi Maxwell said...

Vale Tudo does mailboxes like Debbie does Dallas! Our mailbox is in line. Whee.

Morgan Lucas Schuldt said...

Vale Tudo is 50-0-0. Congrats!

arbco said...

This is not doing anything to get your Google fellatio quotient back up to November levels.

Ana Božičević-Bowling said...

Nice toilet seat.

Tao Lin said...


Trista said...

Good words.