Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How To Do Things


Anonymous said...

after a long, long night of show and tell, i enjoy unwinding to the mirthful musings of eddie lear. when i can't tune in his radio program, i settle for this.

unwound! satiated!

Anonymous said...

eddie lear was a sonofabitch

Sommer said...

There was an Old Person of Buda,
Whose conduct grew ruder and ruder;
Till at last, with a hammer,
They silenced his clamour,
By smashing that Person of Buda.

--Edward Lear

Ed "Ice Pick Eyes" Lear said...

There was a cartoonist named Sommer
Who said "Picking on Lear is a bummer
But a bad limerick
Can make me feel sick
And Eddie's get dumber and dumber."