Monday, June 05, 2006

Construction from the Latin constructionem

I'm in the process of making a mini-comic to hand out at the MoCCA Art Festival this weekend, so I've been slack with new postings. Also, I'm trying to perfect my drawing of a hand squeezing a boob for the next cartoon.

My friend Ron Miller is helping me with an offical Asthma Chronicles website. Let me know what you think of it? Be gentle.


steph said...

A hand squeezing a boob. Boob. I like the website!!! More comics, please. I've cleaned my plate.

amfine said...

um, so i went and read your poems. now...i am being perfectly serious when i say, ha! You know? Like that perfectly serious seriousness i want to call how i feel after a big bite of art?

Anonymous said...

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